Congregation leadership teams are tasked with ensuring that the resources of the Congregation are used appropriately for the members of the Congregation under their stewardship both now and into the future, while continuing to support the overall mission of the Congregation.

A key question for many of those in leadership in Congregations in reviewing their resources is “Do we have enough financial resources to continue to support our members into the future?”  To assist in answering this a detailed financial forecasting and liability model can be developed, tailored to the individual needs of the Congregation.

In a similar way to a Congregation Resource Study, the forecasting and liability model focuses on the key resources of membership and finance. It can also include property resources, depending on the requirements of the Congregation.

The financial model will provide detailed future projections for membership, income, expenditure and any financial assets held.  These projections can then be used as part of a liability model to determine the funds required to support the Members of a Congregation into the future.

If required by a Congregation, a model can be produced that can be used on an ongoing basis to perform sensitivity analysis, reflecting the outcomes of various scenarios in the strategic decision making process.

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