In previous decades, the development of ministries in religious congregations was funded by the generosity of donations from provinces in other parts of the world or individual donations from member’s friends and relatives.  Although this continues to be a source of funding for many congregations, there is a move towards seeking external funding from international aid organisations, governments and international charities.

This external funding is readily available, however, acquiring this funding requires the completion of donations proposals which must meet the specific requirements of each donor.  Each donation proposal must be accompanied by detailed information regarding the project, with plans for its development and the potential impact on those whom the project will serve.

For many, the move towards seeking external funding can provide a challenge. There is a need to learn a new set of skills in determining what is required from each donor. A summary donation proposal will be created, which can be used for the application of funding for specific projects .  Projects will be fully explored with the relevant personnel who will be assisted in the gathering of the appropriate information.

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