Many Religious Congregations are facing changes to their structures as their number of members decreases.   While any changes to the structure of a Congregation should first be made based on mission and the decision of membership, there will follow the need for changes to the civil and financial management structures.

Following a decision to re-configure, we can assist a Congregation in determining how any congregational assets will be structured and administered. We can assist in outlining the best structures to meet the needs of each area of the Congregation, as well as considering the civil and financial regulation implications for any changes.

The changes must also consider the future use and requirements of the resources of the Congregation, both in the present and into the future. If required, we can carry out a review the current resources of the Congregation and provide future projections. Depending on the level of the information available, this may take on different forms. For more detail regarding a review of resources, please read the section on “Congregation Resource Studies”.

If you would like any additional information on our services relating to Congregation Restructuring, please contact us at or via the contact page.