What is a Congregation Resource Study?

In today’s changing world, Congregation leadership teams are faced with increasing challenges.  Leadership teams are tasked with ensuring that the resources of the Congregation are used appropriately for the members of the Congregation under their stewardship both now and into the future, while supporting the overall mission of the Congregation.

A Congregation Study analyses the three key resources of membership, finance and property. It provides leadership teams with an understanding of the current and future capacity of these resources across the Congregation.

Data are gathered from around the Congregation to provide a basis for a detailed analysis, which can be incorporated with additional information from meetings with appropriate congregation personnel in order to gain an understanding of life within the Congregation.

The study will provide Leadership Teams with the information they require to make informed decisions, for the benefit of the Congregation and to make appropriate plans for the management of resources under their stewardship.


What does the Study involve?

A study can be undertaken in a number of different ways, dependent on the requirements, the structures in place and the information available.  It can range from a desktop based study, using data already available in the Congregation, to a more detailed study involving meetings with each provincial leadership team around the world.  The most appropriate structure for your Congregation will be discussed with you.

We will work closely with the appropriate personnel from the Congregation (leadership team, treasurer or other finance personnel) and where appropriate at a local level. The relevant and necessary information required for the study is gathered to ensure an understanding of the unique circumstances of the Congregation at all levels.

Each study uses a range of analytical tools to review the data available. Proven statistical methods are used for projections of membership, finance and investments using the data from the Congregation.

The final study will be objective and independent and can be communicated in a suitable way across the Congregation, by way of presentations to  general chapters, to meetings of treasurers or to local communities.


Benefits of a Congregation Study

There are many benefits of a Congregation study, which include:

  • Effective long term planning

  • Appropriate stewardship of resources

  • Understanding of current and future resources and information to assist with decisions regarding their future use

  • Identification of areas of need within the Congregation

  • Assistance with development of an appropriate strategic plans

  • Information to assist in planning of future healthcare and accommodation

  • Assistance with future direction for Chapters and other congregation meetings

A Congregation Study can assist a leadership team to plan for the future, to work more efficiently in the present, while achieving welcomed benefits for their members.

If you would like any additional information on Congregation Studies, please contact helen.harrington@hha.ie or via the contact page.