Helen Harrington, BA Mod (MSISS), QFA

HelenColourPhoto02A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, Helen began her business career in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her initial role was for the National Health Service (NHS) in the area of public health as a healthcare data analyst, followed by a business analyst role with the Royal Bank of Scotland in the area of Credit Risk.  Following a gap year spent in, Australia, New Zealand and Africa, including two months voluntary work at a remote primary school in Northern Namibia, Helen returned to Ireland in 2006.  On her return, she worked as a Management Consultant for PA Consulting Group with responsibility for developing a detailed model of acute bed capacity in hospitals in Ireland.

In 2007, Helen joined an international consultancy group, L&P Trustee Services (L&P), Dublin. This group provided services to charities, trusts, not-for-profit organisations and religious congregations. While working for L&P, Helen specialised in the development of complex resource and financial models to assist local and worldwide religious congregations.  This work supported capacity planning for the three key resources of membership, finance and property in line with both current and future financial and governance structures. Helen worked internationally, at both a local and a global level, giving her a unique understanding of the needs of individual Congregations.

Some of her projects to date include:

  • Development of a complex demographic and financial model for a Congregation based in 30 countries worldwide, providing Provincial and Congregation leadership with a detailed overview of their resource capacity, to assist them with planning for future development.

  • Assisted a Congregation with the process of re-structuring their Provinces to a single Congregation structure. This included the management of changes to governance and financial management structures across three continents.

  • Completed more than ten Congregational resource studies, of varying sizes (three Provinces to thirty Provinces) with insight into cultural, governance and financial challenges in a range of countries;

  • Assisted a multi-congregational organisation based in Africa with the development of appropriate financial management and governance structures.

  • Developed a structured template for donor funding proposals for an African Province involved in the establishment of healthcare and educational facilities.

  • Completed detailed analysis and planning for healthcare and accommodation needs for individual Provinces.

Helen now brings this experience directly to Rome having recently established her own independent consultancy business. Where appropriate, she collaborates with trusted associates to ensure that optimum expertise is used for each project.  In this way Congregations are offered a comprehensive and seamless service as they face increasing challenges in a changing world.

Outside of work, Helen enjoys running, swimming and cooking the delicious food of Rome.